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  • National identification standard for copper terminals

    This standard is equivalent to the international standard IEC 455 (1988) General requirements for the identification and application of alphanumeric systems for terminal blocks and specific wire ends of equipment. 1 Topic content and scope...

  • Use of copper terminal blocks

    The terminal block is an accessory product that is used to realize electrical connection, and is divided into connectors in the industry。 1。 Terminals are used to facilitate the connection of wires。 It is actually a piece of metal enclosed。。。

  • How to choose the insulation end

    Nowadays, the number of insulated terminals on the market is increasing, but the quality levels are not uniform。 How can we choose some good quality insulated terminals at the time of purchase? Everyone is very concerned about this issue。 T。。。

  • How to choose cold terminal head

    Nowadays, cold-pressed terminal heads are gradually applied in various fields. It mainly uses a component in the connection process of the battery and the outside. In this process, it plays a role in transmitting signals and conducting elec...

  • End contact failure

    Nowadays, the application of terminals has become more and more extensive。 Everyone knows that the ends are composed of two parts of insulating material and electric conductor。 These two parts respectively determine the insulation performan。。。

  • Insulated terminals

    Insulated terminals are nowadays a more popular kind of connector accessories, mainly used to achieve electrical connection, because nowadays the degree of industrial automation is getting higher and higher, so the requirements in the indus...

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